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Marrakech Guide Tours has been catering to the needs of visitors to Morocco for a long time. We provide excellent insights into the people and culture of this enchanting city and its beautiful environment. Whether you want to explore this old city, an expert guide of its historic sites, or stroll around the unique souks for excellent keepsakes and souvenirs, we will take you to the right spots to have the best experience in Marrakech. With us, you will discover the hidden gem that is Marrakech.

Marrakech Guide Tours is owned by a Moroccan National certified tour guide. We provide customized guided tours that take you through the gorgeous city of Marrakech. We take you on an epic exploration of the medieval Medina with its winding alleys and distinctive architecture, mesmerizing labyrinths and vivid colors.
Our goal is to help you discover the hidden gems of enchanting Marrakech with its iconic mosques, grandiose palaces, and historic schools. The exhilarating scents of spices with tantalize your senses, and you will marvel at the intricate metalworks.
Our guided tours take you far out of the bustling Marrakech to the hallowed heights of the Atlas Mountains and the salty breeze of the Essaouira beach. The main attraction of Marrakech guided tours is the city center’s Djemaa el-Fna main square where you can enjoy beautiful street performances by dancers, musicians, snake charmers, and magicians.




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